Now Available in Paperback: Truth and Justice for Fun and Profit

Truth and Justice for Fun and Profit

Truth and Justice Intro

The Funnest Thing Ever
By Michael Heaton

People will tell you journalism is about doing good, fighting for the oppressed, seeking truth, justice and changing the world.

It is.

Many brave, souls have given their lives in search of “The Story” for the good of others and the world. But even those heroes were initially drawn in by the DNA-driven desire to see things, ask questions, write about and explain the world – to the world.

Sometimes what’s lost in all that tragic ink and personal sacrifice is that this business is so much excruciating, frustrating and thrilling fun.

It is.

Talk these days of the death of old-fashioned journalism on paper abounds. Guess where? But check the stories here. Six will surely be Major Motion Pictures. Why? Because newspaper journalism still counts, still gets big stories in a way that other mediums don’t. On the ground, in the first person. Internet content doesn’t appear by magic..Most often the magic starts with ink-stained, flat footed, note-taking guys and gals like well. . . us.

Personally, I did it all wrong, and backwards. New York, San Francisco, Cleveland. According to high-priced career counselors, it should have been the other way around. But no complaints. I made stops in El Salvador, Paris and Bali along the way. The truth is I had more fun than any honest working person should ever admit. I’d like to believe my writing is important. That some of my work changed the world. Some lives? Even a little? Maybe?


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